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Cultivation / Help this newbie please
« on: March 26, 2009, 02:54:12 AM »
Ok, My Friend has searched about 100 threads and has got conflicting advice from them all so He could really use some help on this question.

First some Info:

My friend has two sealed 6.5 lb bags of Patureized Rye Grain. They have hepa filter patches but do not have self healing injector ports.

He Has one 10cc Syringe of Cambodians and One Ten CC syringe of Ecuadorians.

He is going to inoculate by injecting just above grain level and squirt entire contents in a full circle around the inside of the bag so it runs down sides of bag touching as much grain as possible,then cover the hole with micropore tape.

QUESTION: He had planned on then putting the bags in a double tub incubator set at 80 Degrees. However half the posts Hes read say that ths much grain will produce so much internal heat in the center of the bag that "He should not put them in an incubator at all" as that would just overheat them and either not allow myc to grow or is way to much heat adding to the possibility of contamination. These posts suggest just putting in the dark on a wire rack at room temp(He keeps his house at 76 Deg.F) He plans on leaving the bags in total darkness and shaking once after about 30% colonised(Will check progress after seven days only using a 7 watt red darkroom bulb to see if its time to shake) Is that correct...should He shake just this once(30% colonised??)

My friend would appreciate any advice on this as this is his first time using these bags...How long should these strains take to fully inoculate these 6.5lb Rye Grain bags if he does not use the incubator??

He will not be fruiting in the bags. After bags are fully colonized  he will crumble and transfer to a double fruiting chamber with an auto humidity device connected to them and case. He will be also using 15 watt fluorescent grow light 5 feet away on 12 off 12


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