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PF - Tek / Pressure cooker first run issues
« on: April 07, 2009, 12:06:20 AM »
So my first run at sterilizing my jars didnít go so hot, or actually went way to hot lol. It is my first time using a PC and the pot ran dry in the middle of the sterilization. This is an easy fix I know, however I do have a few questions.

1) The substrate burned on the side that was directly facing the wall of the PC. Was this just because it ran dry, and if so will more water keep the substrate from burning? And

2) The jars that were on the inside and werenít in close proximity seemed a bit browned when I took them out. I went ahead and inoculated them just for the heck of it, is this just a waste? Also (last question sorry lol)

3) 4 of the jars now have some dark burn marks on them that appear to be just cosmetic, do you think I could use them again or just pitch them?

Sorry for all the newbie questions but I have been reading up on this for a few months and didnít think that my first hitch would be in this step...

PF - Tek / Re: Mushroom Music
« on: March 28, 2009, 12:40:31 AM »
Wow thanks for such a fast reply PW!

PF - Tek / Re: Mini-fruiting chamber
« on: March 27, 2009, 10:39:21 PM »
for the 54qt rubbermaid what size air pump would you recommend? are they measured in watts, or volume/min or something? sorry i have never bought one before.

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