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Different communities, different receptions ;)

Ok, I've figured that mushroom oriented forums are  a good place for connecting mushroom inspired music, but I do see your point (even though I disagree with the idea that just because someone wants to remain anonymous about their activities, everyone else should also - I'm open about the influence of psychedelics on my work).

But yeah, moderators, feel free to delete this topic, I can see why you feel it's out of place here.

Flow on!

Dude :D The donation part is completely optional. I have released the music for free download. I own all the (creative commons) rights and definitely is the home page of my music (as you can check from the cover art included in the torrent).

Have a good time.


Satumnaisuus: Kaleidoskopedelia
soul warping progressive psybient braindance

Listen to mp3 streams here.
Download the album here.
If you feel, you can support my work through paypal.
More info from


Flow the inspiration. Share your experience. Thank you for being.

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