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ive been waiting quite a while for my casing to start to thinking about putting them in the fridge for 24 hours and then hoping that they will start to pin. or maybe just try ine of them and see if its beneficial to my situation.of course i would saran wrap them due to the fact that i dont believe a place where cheese is can simply be a good and contam free space.what temp kills mushrooms?

Cultivation / so im concerned. can humidity be to high?
« on: March 27, 2010, 06:10:13 PM »
theres something what looks like pins but in not sure.i dont have a hygrometer and i have no way of knowing the humidity. the just look like strands coming out of the casing. they dont look like pins that ive seen on here or anywhere else. and there is dew on the mycellium. im just wondering if i shoudl turn the humidity down? or if its fine? and are those pins or are they a result of too high of a humidity.

so me ad my buddy venture up into his dads attic where we knew he kep all of his unmentionables.stacks of playboys..bags and bags of green. and a weird saran wrapped box? we look in it and see probable a two by two foot pile of dry pure blue mushrooms. we freaked out. we went downstairs grabbed two ziploc storage bags and fill them to the brim. we weighed it out and it was 2 and a half ounces of premo mushrooms.we had no clue what the dose was and didnt know all the good stuff we could find on the net. i expected instant effects after i ate half of the bag..about 13 or 14 grams.(didnt know i was about to get fucked over) so i ate the rest about 20 minutes later. roughly around 21 grams dried total. 30 minutes later my jaw is dissolving from my face. i cant see two feet in front of me due to the lines and geometrical shapes clowding my vision and all i could do is roll around on the floor and mumble in pain and the fear of me staying like this for the rest of my life. i was throwing up..pissing myself and just a mess. after about 15 hours later the only thing telling me that i was still alive is the soft glow of the moon from the window in a completely dark room assuring me of my life and sanity. keep in mind this was a thursday night and i was a senior in high school and had school the next day. my friend didnt eat any that night.he helped me on the bus and i was on my  own after that.warping hallways..death vibes from teachers and the sneaking suspicion that everyone knew. i got lost in the bathroom and remained there untill i woke up around 4th hour. stiil was very fucked up butknew where i was.i laid in the nurses office and then got a ride home from my buddy.
and thats when i lost my mushroom virginity.
feel free to share if u still remember your first times.
and his dad was insanely pissed

PF - Tek / Big Question
« on: March 22, 2010, 02:47:18 PM »
i have my FC in direct sunlight..its by a window i thought that would be best. i use a ultrasonic humidifier and dont have a humidity gauge. just should i leave them out of the sunlight?

General topics / Lets Talk Psychedelics
« on: March 15, 2010, 07:44:09 PM » new to the mushoom seen but am a seasoned psychonaut. just wanted to share some good info with what seems to be some good people on this site.idk if u guys have heard or had the luck to try D.M.T. but i just got back from a long trip in the woods with one of my favorites..Ayahuasca. i would sincerely suggest trying it.nothing is more introspective in my personal opinion.I enjoy logging and studying the effect of psychedelics on the psychological aspect of the brain. i believe that there is extreme potential with tripping and therapy. just wanted to pretty much start a friendly chat not on a just info basis. feel free to just chime in or share good experiences:)

PF - Tek / so started to case...
« on: March 15, 2010, 12:59:21 PM »
and i had everything perfect saran wrapped it and put the lid on and set it in the dog knocked it over and i didnt know it for two im scared to screw with it and i gently put all the cake pieces back under the casing but its not very thick now on top and is very uneven..theyre large like square inch pieces as that too big? am i screwed?

PF - Tek / First time..need help regarding PF tek and casing
« on: March 12, 2010, 05:43:08 PM »
So..I got some "morell" spores and decided to use PF Tek as it is recommended for beginners. its been a month about< no contams but my jars arent even colonized all the way, there pretty darn close though. but mainly i am just wondering firstly about the fact that where it is all mostly white some of the substrate is still visible almost like really small speckles. and on the other note how long should one wait to crumble the cakes and is crumbling even neccesary for casing.once its all white does that mean its all colonized all the way thru..or just on surface. and my cakes really havent shrunk in size all that much. they have but its not drastic whatsoever. just please get back to me if u have any advice

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