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Cultivation / Stamet(s) books Q for Anno et al
« on: May 19, 2005, 02:54:12 AM »

After looking through the main site, I'm seeing some interesting ways to clone / spawn grain jars... I think agar was used.

So I'm starting to think, since these methods look pretty advanced, did anyone benefit by any of Stamet's books?

I'm considering buying ONE book on mushroom that should be do me well for all/most of my needs, and am wondering about people's opinions for these books.

The Mushroom Cultivator:  It seems old... and apparently Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms is a "revised" book of this stuff minus a contamination section...

I guess you can see my question is pretty general, but does anyone have anything to add about any of these books?  If someone has both for example, do you believe that it isn't necessary to own both?  And if you have both, which one to buy?


Cultivation / Q's for Anno
« on: May 19, 2005, 02:50:19 AM »
Dear Anno,

I have a series of questions I hope you could answer.

Q1:  I looked at your Polyfill for Simple Minds guide, and noticed that you used a screwdriver head to puncture a hole, but in your page on an experiment with polyfill vs. tyvek, it looks like the hole with the polyfill stuffed in it is about the size of your thumb.  On those pics, how big is the hole?  Is it still the size of a screwdriver head?

Q2:  I noticed on a lot of WBS teks, people separate some of the seeds (floaters), or completely remove the sunflower seeds, or both.  What is your take on how to prepare WBS out of the bag?  By this I mean, do you do any "preparation steps"?

Q3:  In Doc's WBS tek, (, he uses coffee filters, polyfill, AND tyvek... what do you think about this?  It seems as though on your pics, you only use one filter for the jars (in this context, let's say.. polyfill), and it seems to keep out contams.   If this is the case, even if you VIGOUSLY shake the jars, will any moisture get absorbed in the polyfill and cause contams somehow?  I guess seeing Doc's guide hynotized me into thinking you need ALL these filters he used to keep contams out... but I want to hear what you have to say about only using polyfill, and how safe it is compared to this 3 filter method above.

Q4a:  A lot of teks (including Doc's) use 1 Quart jar sizes, and you have 1/2pints in your grain guides... could you talk a bit about this?  Also, if do you fill the 1/2pint jars to the top with grain?  If so, how can you shake the jars under these circumstances, if there's no open space for shit to move around?

Q4b:  I'm thinking the less shit I have around the house, the better... so according to you, I can use my 250ml jars (close enough to 1/2pint)... if I decide to get rid of my 1L jars and get my money back, do you think I'm losing out on any serious advantages to having 1L jars?

Thanks a lot man!

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