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PF - Tek / Put cake in PMP and Myc. is still forming?
« on: August 12, 2005, 10:12:39 AM »
Could you guys help me out? I think it may be a lack of humidity the temps I got close enough (they kinda fluctuate) but never get too high or too low. But i see no condensation inside of my PMP. This is how my setup looks.

I couldn't afford the air wands (Talk about Poor mans pod) so i used some tubing that I poked a shitload of holes in with a sterile pin.

The lid I have doesn't exactly fit the tub (these were things I had laying around) But I cut the middle out of the lid and siliconed some plexi on it so they could get light. Then I duct taped the lid on i did find a spot this morning that air/moisture could be escaping from, ill fix that when i get off work.

I plan on misting in there with some warm water (I've already dunked my cake but didn't roll do you think this will hurt the cake?) to hopefully raise humidity.

The pump is a dual outlet, don't know the name but it was the best they had it was $23 so I don't think this is the issue.

When i birthed this cake 2 days ago there was still a very small section that had not colonized all the way but would not colonize in the jar so when I initially saw the myc. spread I thought this would be a good thing but it hasn't stopped its getting a bit bulkier bad? good? I don't know.

Please let me know what you guys think temps range from 73 - 78 (roughly) but I think its the humidity and again its only day 2 in PMP but the pros would know best.


PF - Tek / Incubation Question
« on: July 24, 2005, 08:23:29 AM »
If you kept jars in a sealed off shoe box with a grow light on the box to keep up temps, do you think this would work? - If not then does anyone know of a way to build something with $0?

General topics /
« on: July 20, 2005, 10:56:45 AM »
Has anyone ordered from this supplier? I got their link from the shroomery so i assume they would be reliable but im looking for personal experience with this supplier. Anyone have any bad or good?

Cultivation /
« on: July 20, 2005, 10:40:08 AM »
Has anyone orderd from this supplier? I got the link from the shroomery so i would assume they are reliable. Any bad experiences with this supplier?

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