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PF - Tek / brf cakes in chineese restaraunt to go containers (rednek tek)
« on: November 05, 2012, 12:13:01 AM »
first of all let me thank all the vets with advice:
 I recently ordered two syringes Cambodia, Equador and did 6 jars 3 of each, step by step the right way w/ glove box, jars the whole nine yards... messed up a lil on the amount of spore solution but myc. still growing on the eq strain which are still incubating right now... the syringe had about one cc of solution with visible chunks of color so i say fuck it why not experiment. filled the syringe with freshly opened bottle of distilled water no gloves no glove box shook it up and decided to wait a couple of days long story short i wanted to finish my experiment but all i had was leftover Chinese food containers (the clear kind with the airtight lid about a pint usually used for soup) so i used them... made up a 2-1-1 brf mix, filled em' up, put the verm layer in and used a pot with jar lids and a plate on top of them to steam the container for an hour inoculated thru pre made holes in lid and covered them with micropore tape put the container in a shoe box in the closet (not even the incubator my house stays around 75f) 2 DAYS LATER THE CONTAINER WAS AROUND 25 PERCENT COLONIZED!!!  i was happy and worried at first was this contamination? NOPE smelled like mushrooms nothing else...this container was only 75 percent colonized before i chose to dunk it early after the overnight soak this cake broke up into three pieces which i rolled then put in fruiting chamber after 4 days i could see pins forming though the cakes were covered in white fuzzy stuff.. (vertic.) this is when i learned about the use of hydrogen peroxide mixed with my spray water, anyways the first flush off of one piece of the broken up cake The smallest one was three nice sized mushrooms and now they are all over these "experiment cakes" around 20 nice fungi so far. am i just lucky?
has anyone tried this type of container before?

i was amazed at the shocking rate it colonized and now the rate that the fruits are growing
this method seems to be a lot faster,
my pf jars were innoculated two days earlier than this experiment and it took a week longer for them to even fully colonize
the only thing that may be considered contamination is the fuzzy bottom of the stem but h202 should take care of that right?

i would encorage my fellow fungifunfanatics to try these containers for themselves and see if they get the same results
i look forward to your response(s)


ok i have innoculated my first batch of cambodian. two days ago, they are in my two tub incubator, and i have not checked for myc. growth yet as i am afraid that exposing them to any light may kill or stun growth.
1.) will light exposure kill myc.?
2.)how long should i wait to check them?
3.)my home is set at 75deg. F i have a heating pad (aquarium heater did not produce enough heat) with the pad temp ranges from 75-81 deg F. will this be ok?
4.)when should i check for contamination?

 I have tried the pf tek method twice and have not even reached the point of mycellium growth. I did as instructed I ordered spores from spore farmer. I bought vermiculite and BRF used pint gars and adjusted the mixture as needed. I boiled my jars for 2 hours and let cool overnight. I sterilized the needle and injected spore mixture against the side of the jars in 4 places as instructed. I set these jars on top of a cloth on top of the water heater approx.80-85 degrees and waited 2 months. Its not completely dark where the water heater in but there is no natural light keep in mind we live in fl and this is in my garage where the humidity stays around 85%. I have tried this method twice and the only action that was noticeable was the shrinking of the pf cakes with humidity still visible in the jars (fogging) I would very much like to use this pf tek method. What am I doing wrong? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! As I am a fanatic and would like to continue using this pf technique. Please help!!

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