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PF - Tek / noob on 2nd
« on: July 10, 2013, 10:04:03 AM »
Hi, I'm a noob, on my second grow now with golden teachers, my first grow was with Ecuador strain(4 syringes), I used the pf tek, I must've gotten my subtrate mixture ratio wrong cause it took forever to colonize and I didn't even notice pins at all, had "in vitro" going basically, with massive 1 or 2 shrooms growing in the whiskey glasses after 7 weeks of innoculating.I only birthed them 2 weeks later, and some didn't have any signs of growth at all, anyway, i birthed  eventually and received shrooms for 8 weeks whilst in fruiting chamber, amounting to 300g fresh weight.Is this normal?I thought I would get 10g dry weight per cake?they were extremely visual and potent though...I had 4 syringes and basically innoculated 10 glasses per syringe, 10 of which didn't even start to colonize, and 9 more colonized in patches then just stopped(threw away 19 glasses). So I only birthed 21 cakes and got that 300g in fresh weight.

Now with my teacher strain they colonized beautifully in a quick manner, I improved my substrate ratio by mixing per glass, opposed to mixing one huge batch and filling each glass as previously done with ecuador.I birthed 12 after 6weeks 3 days of innoculation, they've been sitting in FC for 7 days and only seeing 1 cake with about 6 tiny shrooms growing now, they are in a SGFC with an inch of perlite, I mist once in the morning, once at night, and fan bout 3 times a day. I dunked and rolled before I birthed them, so the mycellium is growing over the dry verm now and not seeing much growth.Am I just being impatient?

I've been trying different methods of heating whilst in incubation, first I just kept it above my fridge and was getting an average of about 24C( but it fluctuated a lot from night to day), then I got a reptile pad and got the temp to 28C(constantly but was worried I was putting too much heat to the bottom of the glass),I can't heat all my glasses like that(cause I have too many), so I got a fish tank heater and placed it in a shallow plastic container with water, I set the temp to 28C and placed the glasses directly in the water, I don't see why I have to put the heater in a tote of water, then put another tote on top that with the glasses in a dry tote, anyway, so mine are in the water and they colonizing fine.

could I just get some feedback on this please. I've read way too much contradicting stuff as it is

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