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Hey all!!

I have been away on holidays for a few weeks, and in that the one jar i have inoculated has ceased to grow any further. At first it was growing nice and fast! Everymorning id wake up check it out and it was always getting bigger and bigger. But for the last few weeks it hasnt grown at all. I was just wondering if

A) i should take a piece of myc from this jar and drop it in a freshly made batch of jars?
B ) break it up and make a casing out of what has grown?
C ) If there is anyway i can save this jar at all??

I am pretty sure i know what the problem is.. but i dont want to admit it lol I had nowhere to put the jars that had warmth,so i placed a jar of water and a fish tank heater into a cooler bag. I think by doing this the humidity has gone through the roof and stalled production? Its always wet in there and water accumulates at the bottom of the bag. Temp was always 25-30 deg at all times.

I have tried turning them upside down but to no avail..

Here are some pictures :


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