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Cultivation / Confirmed Substitution for BRF in PF-Tek
« on: July 15, 2007, 12:18:11 PM »
Hey Guys,

I have been sitting in the shadows for some time cultivating knowledge from both this army and the shroomery. First off I just want to say thanks for the priceless knowledge, and extensive explanations when discussing various topics.

Ok so hereís the deal. This is my first official time cultivating, and I have a few insiders. As a newbie, I was excited to to try out the PF-Tek with BRF, however I could not find BRF anywhere, and I did not feel comfortable or have the patience to order off the net.

Anyways, using a little of my own intuition and logic, I looked at the overall picture. BRF is recommend for several different reasons I found. The main reason is the 100% organic material. The next is that because it is a grain it offers superior water absorption and nutrient content. So I thought to myself as walking down the grocery store isle, "what are my options....there has to be a suitable pre processed alternative." And then I seen it. 100% Pure Corn mash Mecassa flour.

So here's the set up, I used the popular mixture, 2:1:1 Verm/Mecassa/water mixture ratio.

I used a 10cc Syringe from a local head shop of B+. (being my first time and not being a heroin user, the delicate operation of the syringe was a little tricky but nothing major. I ended up getting 7 jars from the syringe.)

After inoculation, I suspended my jars into a fish tank heater double tub incubator set to 86F. 3 days later I had activity. 3 weeks later I had 3 fully colonized MCF (Mecessa Corn Flour) cakes. 6 days after that the other 4 were ready.

I then initiated birthing, to a straight dunk for 24hrs in room temperature tap water. After which I rolled in cooked verm and placed into my fruiting chamber.

Fruiting was initiated, my chamber consisted of an old play-dough container....sort of like a Rubbermaid container, but rounded for design with a lockable lid. It is not air tight by any means, but latch closes for convenience and travel.

My chamber consists of 2 inches of perlite lightly soaked in water, and a mason jar filled with water with a fish tank bubbler for extra humidity. RH is consistently between 90-95%, while temperature is between 72-78F. I FAE ( I think thatís right for frequent air exchange) 2-5 times a day depending on my schedule. and I directly mist the sides of my chamber as well as I directly mist the cakes.

Activity after the dunk and roll Tek took about 6-8 days before primordia began forming. Once they started they exploded into a furry of development.

I have tried a few extra little experiments on my own, to see what the reaction would be.

I had 2 cakes that I would directly mist (and I emphasize the mist - not soak) both before primordia and after development and I had discovered that when directly misting a cake, the performance significantly increases. A full 3 days earlier were my direct misting cakes performing as opposed to the indirect misting cake. I also noticed that once pinners started that direct misting provided ambient moisture and the pinners expanded much more rapidly than the indirect cake.

Morals of this story (and I apologize for the novel)

- Mecessa Corn Flour works (as I imagine would any 100% organic flour)
- Direct Misting works well when used conservativly

I would like to add that I have infact ingested my own supply, and they were wonderful. A buddy and myself ate a very small amount, I think it was like 30 grams wet divided by 2, so roughly 15 grams wet or equiv 1.5 grams dry, and we tripped from 9:30-1:30 and were still feeling the physical side effects until 4:30 in the morning................But the batch we ate, I did not let the veil break, which added some umph to the mix....

Please send back comments and questions, I will be pleased to go into specifics with you upon request.



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