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As i have never grown mushrooms before (except once as a young child in science class) i wanted to post up the plan that a friend and i have spent some time researching and planning, and basically run it by some experienced growers to see if we are heading in the right direction. I know from the research i have done that it is a very trial and error process for someone like my self with no prior knowledge. So it would be great if i could get some feed back on our first planned grow. Our plan may be completely off, and that is why i'm posting it up to see if we've got some major flaws or not.

The Plan:

The Species: We will be using Psilocybe Cubensis Combodian strain, as it seems to be a good grower and fairly resistant.

Sporing: The plan is to combine the Sporing and the growing together.
The substrate will be made by boiling Agar and Malt extract together and mixing it with brown rice and placing it in 4 containers roughly 8 X 8" (20cm x 20cm) and layering each one approx. 1 1/2" (4cm) using spore syringes we will place the spores into each container covering them with foil and placing each one inside its own larger clear container with moist peat in the bottom to keep the humidity up, for when the growing begins.

Temperature and lighting: Placed these here because the conditions for the sporing and growing wont change,as mentioned we plan on having the sporing and growing together. Mainly to cut down on contamination.
The containers will be placed in a shed that keeps a fairly consistent temperature of around 60 F (15 c) during day time, 14 hours. and 40 F (7 c) at night time. Due to having one window it get about 2 hours of late afternoon sunlight and is relatively "gloomy" the rest of the day.

Growing: Continuing on from the sporing, once the spores have started to grow. The foil will be taken off from the inside containers and bird seed will be mixed in with the spore containers. Water will be added to the peat in the larger "holding" containers to help keep the humidity as close to 90% as possible. The holding containers will be sealed and opened daily for an hour to allow air.

In short thats the plan, this is gathered purely from opinions off the internet, and there are so many and they vary so much that we kind of slapped a few main ones together. Hoping that we might be headed in a general direction.

Thanks in advance for any feedback and ideas.
And if we have gone completely the wrong way about our plan, don't be afraid to tell me what a bunch of idiots we are :P I would rather be aware of issues now then later on. I don't expect anything more then just having fun trying to grow some mushrooms, but it would be great to get a couple not just a bunch of moldy birdseed.

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