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PF - Tek / mushi newb needs help...
« on: June 05, 2004, 07:54:22 PM »
Hey anno-
    I needed some help with my mushroom growing.  I have followed the pf tek method but I cannot succeed in growing the mushrooms.  when I inoculate a jar, it grows perfect until it is about 75% grown.  about that time a small green mold starts growing.  This green mold is  very small since there is no room for it to grow ( all is white ).  the approximate size of the mold is about as big as my fingernail.  one jar that this happened to already looks like it's dying.  The white mycelium around the green mold started to turn a shade of yellow.  I tossed it away.  i have 3 other jars growing and by the looks of it it seems like the same thing might be happening.  fingernail size green mold -  

is there any chance these can be saved?
is it possible to birth the cake and somehow slice that cornor off???

what can I do anno. i've been attempting this for a while now.

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