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yea, so i recently put the inside of some stems on agar and some white fuzzy stuff grew. then, after a few days, red spots started appearing and they got bigger (spread from center, and then outward). So my queastion is this contamination?or is this part of the mycleium(aka it was magic mushroom mycelium that i cloned). tips and stuff would be helpful

PF - Tek / need help on identifying stuff
« on: April 08, 2009, 01:39:11 PM »
yea, so i need to make sure if what i'm growing in my jars is actually shrooms. I tried to load up some pictures but i dont have the cable nor thne batteries ( yes i know i fail =(  }   the mycelium was first a "dense white foggy" color, then turned completely white after wards. It was not white to begin with. Now you  may ask, why do you need to know if it is the right kind if you got proper spores?
well, its a long story and im only going to explain if someone asks me to
 So could yall give me tips to help identify and/ or link me pics of a colonizing jar?

PF - Tek / substrate colonization
« on: April 03, 2009, 05:15:11 PM »
Hey i was wondering if you could grow mush at room temperature, i find it hard to find a warm spot in my house

Alos, if you guys have any tips about how i could keep them warm, that would be good too.

hey everyone
when i posted something on this site i got a reply saying that there is a website i could get spores from the deliver to "illegal" states. I did some research and found the site it is :
I was just wonderin if you guys could check this out and tell me if it is what i think it is (a website that delivers spores to "illegal" states). If it is, is it worth taking the risk, like if it got tracked or something like that?


PF - Tek / substrate colonization (no clues for sucess)
« on: March 24, 2009, 06:19:31 PM »
i recently innoculated some jars and they have been clolnizing for 4-5 days. I have see through cups and non see through cups. I want to know how long i should wait until i open the nonsee through jars. Also, on average how long should it take to see the white fuzz appear(see thorugh jars)

thanks for the help

well heres whats up, my mush man is a lazy shit and was too lazy to get me a syringe no matter how times i asked him, so he just gave me 3 fairly large DRIED mushroom caps. I tried to collect spores and scraped what i got into my sub substrate jars. Its been 3 days now and i cant see any white at all. Do you all think this will work or do i need to get a legit syringe or spores? Also, to get extra warmth i just placed alot of towels around the containers to make them warmer is that o.k?

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