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PF - Tek / Looking great so far... First time growing! Need some advice!
« on: February 04, 2012, 03:31:31 PM »
I inoculated my 6 jars just over a week ago with Golden Teacher, and so far all of them are growing a good amount of mycelium. I am using the aquarium heater with the two totes kept ~81 F and it seems to be working great. Using the usual PF - Tek substrate that I sterilized in my vegetable steamer for 90 mins.

Just took this pic... Hope the flash didn't hurt it! All of my jars look this good or better

Also after my jars are completely colonized I know that I should take them out of the incubator and set them in room temp and get a bit of light for about a week to initialize pinning... I am wanting to do the dunk method but I was wondering if I remove all the pins before I do the first dunk before I start to fruit.

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