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PF - Tek / 1sr PF-TEK Fanaticus Grow
« on: February 03, 2012, 10:55:31 AM »
Hey Guys.

As you've read in my other thread, my name is Hein. I am from South Africa and have never grown mushrooms in my life. Taken it once and that's it.

I met a guy from who I got a free syringe of Fanaticus from. I read on some sights that if the syringe water is slightly violet, then you've struck it lucky. The syringe I got from this dude was dark grey with many thick clumps drifting in the solution. So I was very happy.

The grow medium I use is Vermiculite and Brown Rice Flour. Mixed it to specs and filled 5 jars to 2cm above top. I put a layer of dry verm on top and seald it with a double layer of foil. I then took another piece of foil and made a 3rd top.

Then I pressure Cooked it for 45min and left it over night to cool down. This morning I inoculated the jars but seeing that I'm new I used way to much. I ended up using only 4 jars. OOPS!!!! 

So that's it so far. Will update as it goes on.
Some feedback would be appreciated cause I would love to continue and grower more difficult strains later in life



PF - Tek / pf tek noob question
« on: February 02, 2012, 08:09:37 AM »
Hey guys

My name is Hein and as you'll find out now, I'm quite new to the whole growing of mushrooms.

I got my substrate I'm gonna use as well as some spores. Everything is happening tonight so I have a question. When I birth the cakes, and they have pinned, do I keep them under a light cycle or isn't it that necessary. My friend who I got the spores from says that it must go under a 12 12 cycle.

I read onm some pages that it doesn't need any light cause only plants photosynthesis, but isn't a mushroom a growing organism???

Please any advice would help a lot



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