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PF - Tek / Improving ont he pf tek
« on: May 28, 2009, 05:59:12 AM »
Heres a few things that you can do to your cakes to give them a bost.

1- moisture content.

Since the dunk and roll, moisture content for fruiting isnt an issue, so you dont need a max fruiting formula in cakes anymore. Its been proven many times over that making your pf mix slightly on the dry side will colinise much faster. Faster coplinisation also means less risk for contaminaton.

When i make up a pfmix, i use less than the recipie. and if it needs more i add more till i get it right. Usually with the 2:1:1 mixture if you squeeze your verm a small stream will flow for a second which is fine. But i will use less so that when i scqueese onlyu a couple of drops come out, then i mix my verm in

2. Coffee
In bulk, cffee is added as a nice additive to boost nitrogen content, it will speed colinisatoin. With cakes you can hydrate  your verm with half strentgh coffee water for a nice boost.

3. Gypsum
Gypsum is most comenly found as an additive to grain jars and it bulk substartes. But it can also be used to boost the pf tek also. Gypsum provides calcium and sulfur, both benificial in growth and fruit body development. A small pinch per cake is more than enough.

With these small changes, you can increase yourperformance. with a good cake mix you should see full colinisation in 2-3 weeks, though most usually just over 2 weeks.

PF - Tek / Accuratly measuring humidity
« on: May 19, 2009, 07:45:59 PM »
I see lots of posts complaing of low humidity when infact readings have been inacurate.

Alot of peple dont seem to relise that hygrometers are only acurate over a small range. when you look for a hygrometer you need an anolgue gauge that you can calibrate. Wrap it in a damp towel for 1 hour then adjust to read 99% after 1 hour. Also make sure its not over any of the holes in your terrarium otherwise it could read the rh of the outside air.

Avoid cheap digital metres which are generaly crap. Ive seen lots of digital metere produce very different results in the same terrarium. Ive even seen 3 of the exact same digitals in the same terrarium produce complelty different readings, not just with RH but temp too.

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