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well basically i was thinking about purchasing everything from sterile gloves, chambers, substrate, spores etc, but after researching on internet, i came across with this

i have read from many sites the chance of contamination is significantly high for beginners. so why not jst buy the complete kit and take no risk in contamination, and possible waste of time and money,

but at the same time the kit from elephantos seems to be expensive  :/ compared to if i buy everything my self,(for repetitive use) here is a list i made

clear plastic storage box
aluminum foil
sterile gloves
black bin bag
hydrogen peroxide
distilled water

app cost = 70 pound = 80 euro, but with no guarantee that i will not get contamination....

so i think it might be wise to go for the 99.00 elephanto kit,(plus 12 pound shipping cost) which already has spore in it.

what do u guys think ?  :huh: or is there any other sites with the same kit but cheaper ??? :huh:

but the main disadvantage is it may take up to 4 month, until i can harvest from the kit, app 200 - 300 gram, ( which is not bad,) but again .. guaranteed no contamination. lots of plus and cons  ^_^

also on this video.

growing from pins to mature fruits in approxamately 52 hours, i was wondering how did they achive that ? is it becuase of the light ? :huh: so is it possible for me to do the same, basically put the kit(bag) under the " light " (SODIUM ?)

the elephanto kit its a sealed bag... with encourage high level of co2 with slow down the growth of shrooms (if im right) so wot if i cut some hole once the pin start to appear. but again, risk of contamination.


sorry for the long question and ta for reading, any comments are appreciated  ^_^

update after reading first 3 replies  ^_^

thx a lot for your comments

they are indeed truffle, and i have never had truffles before, so i might actually go for the bag becuase i live in university owned house and i might want to keep as much discretion as i can :)
(we dont get those house inspections till may/june 2010 :rolleyes:)

truffle seems " ugly " compared to mushrooms, and they grow underground,

so how do i know when they are ready to be harvest ? :huh:

more ticks pliz  ^_^


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