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General topics / On UK Psilocybe Criminalisation.
« on: January 27, 2005, 08:58:36 PM »
On what is to be done? On UK Psilocybe Criminalisation.

In London
For Anarchist Communism and World Revolution.

To the participants of fungifun

Just to introduce myself to this forum and to raise a different light on some political and legal issues.

I have using psychoactives since around 1977 (I am 45) and I am currently a regular psilocybe ?consumer? as opposed to a re-seller. I have been in the legal flower business for about 20 years; my legal Dutch flower importing business has of late become unprofitable and I have essentially ceased trading to concentrate on other projects. Over the years this has allowed me to make tax free trips to Amsterdam, however to be honest I never go near the flower auctions and I have used the time to research other projects which I will not go into in detail here.

I have been looking through this discussion group for some time and I?ve never posted here so  I though it was about time I introduced myself.

I am currently working on as a long term project for the growing and re-selling of various psychoactives. I ?use? such substances myself however I don?t use Dutch flowers; I only sell them, and I have for long sought to ?change businesses.? The advantage of this particular business is that in common with the fresh flower business the opportunity is there for a ?cash? income in addition to issuing legal invoices, internet sales etc., I have for long been an overt Communist and anti-governmentalist and frankly I consider it immoral to finance Crown narco-terrorism. My father is a Masonic cultist and though the bookshops are full of conspiracy theories about this cult, I frankly do not believe in reptiles, little green men or UFO conspiracy theories; I am a theology / history graduate and frankly I am more interested in what they actually believe and how they behave; what is not a conspiracy theory however is that this cult has a long and empirically provable history of drug money laundering, narco-terrorism, usury (money lending) and collaboration with the British Crown, the CIA etc., and it includes some of the wealthiest Zionists in the world; these are all conspiracy facts not theories; the police military, judiciary and the governmentalists in this nation are all infiltrated by these cultists and without actual apocalyptic war, I believe that it is impossible to bring these cultists to justice since they literally ?are? the justice system in this nation. The problem with psilocybe is not that these cultists who rule this nation would have moral objections to it, since it can be empirically proven that they are essentially heroin / cocaine dealers and drug money launderers; the problem is one of control and competition in their market place.

What is to be done? Writing to MP?s will not I believe do any good; my own way of dealing with them is to attack them directly as narcotics traffickers and drug money launderers through various propaganda campaigns; I do not seek to reform them; on the contrary I have long sought to raise the world to war against them; they cannot be reformed; they must be eradicated and only war and revolution will solve that; however the conditions for this revolution must be created and part of that involves the distribution of information; i.e., propaganda; and that is essentially what I do.



A general response based on my position on other forums:
(I have posted this on other forums)


Psilocybe criminalisation. What is to be done?

I ran in the last general election in Brixton as an anti-drugs, independent Communist candidate, however by anti-drugs, I should point out that I use weed and shrooms very heavily and that my objection to heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine and other illegal substances is that this is essentially how the Anglo-American narco-terrorists raise their 'Black Budget' which finances global imperialism, narco-terrorism etc. It seems to me that it is to their advantage to control such substances since they can sell 40 pence a gram heroin (in Pakistan) for ?30 a gram etc.

The evidence of the involvement of the British Crown, British banks and the US military's long record of narcotics trafficking is overwhelming and all over the internet. See for example the politics page of See also for example former Los Angeles narcotics detective Michael Ruppert's site; Ruppert's central allegation is that the US military, the CIA, the FBI, the police etc., essentially run the US narcotic?s trade. The British Crown and the Masonic bankers have a long empirically provable record of drug dealing and drug money laundering which continues to this day (do an Internet search for former MI6 agent 'John Coleman's' writings for example; extracts are on the politics page of my site).

The attempt to criminalise shrooms is not 'anti-drugs' legislation; on the contrary, the British Crown and the British bankers Masonic cultists are probably the world's leading narcotics traffickers and drug's money launderers; they clearly seek to retain their monopoly on high profit illegal substances. The Taliban for example had an anti-heroin campaign and it was the Taliban who were removed and replaced with the same drug mafia that seized control of Kabul in 1992; it is simply a myth that the Anglo-American narco-terrorists are 'anti-drugs;' on the contrary they are provably 'pro-drugs' however by keeping such substances illegal, they are their usuryist mafia can profit by them and that is the origin of their black budget.

What is to be done? What is the solution?

I personally do not believe that it is possible to change this situation without war and revolution and since the Masonic narco-terrorist mafia who control Britain and America have infiltrated the police, military, judiciary and government and have access to nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, they and all who collaborate with them can only be fought with similar weapons. The inevitability of apocalyptic war against the Anglo-American narco-terrorists and their financial and political capitals by apocalyptic Muslims and anti-Capitalists is in my opinion inevitable, morally justifiable and totally necessary; there is simply no other way.

You could spend your lives writing letters to every MP, media organisation etc. and protest against the injustice of criminalising shrooms, however such a view assumes that you have a right to justice and to freedom, however Anglo-American narco-terrorism and global economic imperialism has nothing to do with freedom or justice; you might as well tell the CIA to stop selling Crack or the directors of HSBC bank to stop laundering narco-money for the Crown. Legal shrooms compete with the illegal substances sold by the Masonic mafia; every gram of shroom that is bought is one less dollar that finances Anglo American narco-terrorism; they want you to buy all your favourite drugs from them.

These issues should be and can be raised in the courts when prosecutions arise against those who do not finance Anglo-American narco-terrorism; however since the judiciary is controlled by drug dealers (the Law Society is essentially a Masonic association) expect no sympathy from them, however a jury ?might? see things differently if sufficient evidence is present that the judiciary and the Crown are indeed ?macro-narco-criminals.?

What is to be done? Global War, Apocalyptic Guerrilla War against the financial and military centres of Capitalism and Revolution are the only practical solution by my Judgement.

That is what I seek to incite, encourage and to offer a moral justification for; with regards to writing to MP?s, I gave up on that years ago.

If and when psilocybe is either criminalized or regulated, taxed, controlled and its vendors licensed as it is with alcohol, there are other psychoactives that can be legally sold; however anything that is popular is likely to become either criminalized or taxed and regulated eventually; the masters of this world just hate to see people buying such substances without giving them their protection money.

I was recently reading an interview with a major psilocybe retailer who insisted that he wanted to pay taxes / VAT and that the industry should be regulated; this is just playing into the hands of the state narco-terrorists of the British Crown; that is no way to address drug dealers, drug money launderers, CIA / Crown collaborators and narco-terrorists; do try to remember that these vermin are global imperialists who have enslaved the world through debt and through fear of torture, murder and oppression; one cannot make a deal with the Devil without becoming the Devil?s slave; evil submits to evil and goodness militantly resists militant evil.

The only effective counter-strike is to treat them as the drug dealers that they are and to incite apocalyptic war and revolution against these parasites.

It is not sufficient to await the conditions for the Revolution; one must seek to create these conditions through an act of sheer will. The will of goodness must and shall in the end triumph over evil in time; I have perfect faith in that; all the great kingdoms of the tyrants of history fell at some point; often to be replaced with the kingdoms of other tyrants. By my judgement there has never been a greater opportunity for world revolution than this time; on the Internet and with global communications we live in a very small world; on a day and an hour there must be a global revolution against the state narco-terrorist Usuryists of the First World; there is no other way.

The Capitalist narco-terrorists who have enslaved the world have weapons of mass destruction and can only be brought down with similar weapons; until then the conditions for such a revolution must be created and the proletariat must be educated and prepared to fight against the heroin stained police and military who are the mercenaries of the state narco-terrorists.

No to negotiation. No to taxation. No to peace. Revolution must and shall take place with greater brutality and violence than the mercenaries of the Capitalist Masters are themselves capable of.

Capitalism cannot and must not be reformed; it can only be abolished. Until the last Governmentalist and Religionist is eradicated from the face of the earth; there shall always be and always must be war.

In London
No mercy or quarter on they who deserve none.

PF - Tek / mycobag
« on: January 14, 2005, 04:57:56 PM »

Where to find Mycobags in London or in the UK?

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