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Cultivation / Wat Species are More Potent?
« on: April 12, 2005, 03:07:13 AM »
Heya all,
             I'm trying to find out which speicies are probably the better ones to grow in home cultivation that have a medium to High/extreme Potency (like the "orissa/Orrisa" species of Cubensis mushee around..., i like the "Psylobin cubensis : Ecuador" for it's easiness to grow and general grooming (veil breaking etc)... Can anyone lay some suggestions as to what species are more potent as research on various sites has proven usless.

I will probably dry them and press them into pills... when i can't eat them fresh, that depends on weather i get the right place and time... and the shrooms are ready by then!!!

Also i am looking for a shroom that does alot of the Visual effects and some if not alot of Physical as well. I really love the way objects change shape, size and warp and move as they do, i also love the way colours change and the body feels during a Shroomie trip... I'm also a lover of LSD but hey... not relavent  :D

Anyone out there make there own spore prints to be sold to or brought by someone?? not just joking! I'm after some good clean and sterile spores that are strongly viable and of the right Shroom Species, PM (Private Message) me please if u do... can be discussed there! :)


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