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PF - Tek / Re: Having a few concerns about the FC
« on: December 10, 2010, 06:04:39 AM »
A little off topic, as I do not personally know direct terms, as said person above.

Although I do not know much about the process, I know how some of the process works, but would like clarification on some terminology.
Is their a said topic where I can find these things, also in the growing process, what would your top 5 picks be for growing, as I already know there are allot of 'PF-Tek's', I would just like a few extra opinions on personal experiences.

I would also like to know, if a closeted environment would work, or would it need an open space. If open space, how would you recommend the growth in cold weather.

Thanks for any answer's that may come, and I hope that they get answered by someone with great personal experience, the poster above and mine that is.

Because I have had no experience at all growing, and I want to get it off right without any failed 'experiments' and wasted money.

Thanks once again

General topics / Hello
« on: December 10, 2010, 05:56:54 AM »
Hello, now I respect the environment of this site, and how things flow together, but the site itself lacks, a finished look.

I feel like thing could be done better to improve the actual outlook, and style of the site. Personally I think that this 'preset' is really unfitting for what you guys are doing here. I mean its really common. The banner, though effective at getting the point across, it lacks a professional appeal.
I mean I am sure you can find a free, or very cheep skin to replace this one, and a banner is not that hard to make, to then fit the newly skinned site.

Now I talk about these things because I feel with a better environment, it would be a more enjoyable experience for people who visit this site. Well I worded that a little wrong, visually pleasing experience. Now I 100% understand that this site is for educational purposes, but how can you go wrong with just making it a little more appealing?

I honestly 100% respect the site, and the people who belong to it, but I really just think it needs a 'face lift', so to speak.  Personally what I think, is making it more dark earth toned colors, like black, green, and brown. Then making a banner that is more 'fitted' to this newly acquired theme.
Then finally maybe there should be more forums sections, that could have a more vast amount of topics, so that each one doesn't have to be so vague.

These are just my two cent's, and don't take them offensively.

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