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PF - Tek / Re: FC - Closet Grow - Suggestions?
« on: March 12, 2011, 08:53:26 AM »
Sorry to add more questions

After the incubation and the jars are fully colonized how long can they stay in the jar before going into the FC without risking damage?

If even possible to store for any period of time what damage can be caused if the cakes are not removed from the jars at the proper time?

What are the ideal conditions they should be kept in? For instance if they had to be transported from where they had been colonized to a different house to be placed into a FC

Hopefully I'm even making sense lol T

PF - Tek / FC - Closet Grow - Suggestions?
« on: March 12, 2011, 08:20:19 AM »
I'm, of course like most posts, are a noobie to the grow world and just have a few things I'd like some help with clarifying or some of your tips to my planned methods.

The space I've planned to place the FC is a small enclosed space with basically a hidden door. Unfortunately I don't have the privacy I'd like as the house is currently up for sale.

1. I'm under the impression the FC is meant to stay in a dark area about 70 degrees F, but flash it with a cool white fluorescent lamp for 6-12 hours of the day?

2. I understand the FC needs air circulation to releases co2 and allow fresh air. Will being in a small enclosed space like this not allow enough fresh airflow? I plan to build something along the lines of the "poor man's pod"  ( ) with the auto air exchange but I'm still unsure if the closet would get enough air?

3. Since all the FC and methods I've seen have holes and recommend airing and so on I'm under the assumption the risk of contamination at this step is gone? I don't have to worry about keeping my FC sterile?

4. I've seen methods that place the cake directly on whatever fill they've used at the bottom of their FC and I've seen layers of foil put down as trays.. If using perlite in FC like the above "Poor man's pod" - what is recommended?

5. I have been told by a local grower that if I'm growing from multiple spore types I should use separate FC for each type... Is there any truth to this?

6. Completely off the wall ... I have a ton of mini fridges laying around the house... I had the thought of possibly using one of these for a incubation chamber? Has anyone tried converting a mini fridge?

7. During any process of the grow - for instance incubation - should I avoid checking on them frequently and allowing light in or heat out or will it not effect it significantly?

I apologize my post got so long and if these questions are obvious stuff I should understand. I think I'm doing too much research and I end up seeing so many different methods I start to question things and get confused lol.

I appreciate any and all help and tips

PF - Tek / Pressure Cooker vs Boiled Pot (few other starter questions)
« on: February 26, 2011, 08:06:17 PM »
I apologize I'm new to the site and to the hobby in general. I'm fairly positive this has been debated on many occasions and there is probably a lot of earlier threads in regards to my questions however I only have internet access on a small and slow phone and after loading about 2 pages I have to restart it (also does not allow me to use the full potential of the site like search features and so on so pleeeaaase understand ). lol

Just a few basic questions so I can get started...

1. For the PT-Tek method I realize a pressure cooker is NOT required however I'm sure there are SOME benifits to using one. Is it worth the extra effort/cash to track one down?

2. If I do decide to go the route of the pressure cooker... or even with a standard boil pot what sizes are recommended? Can you get away with smaller ones if you're willing to put forth the time or will the jars done first become contaminated while waiitng for them all to sanitize?

3. How long can you set a sanitized jar aside before inoculation without risk of ruining the mixture?

4. Are lab bought spore syringes ok to use with this method?

5. How long can a spore syringe be stored before going bad?

I had a lot more that I wanted to clarify but drawing blanks... Thanks for any and all help allthough I'm sure my questions are nooby and have been discussed many times.


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