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Cultivation / First time grower
« on: May 11, 2011, 03:41:32 AM »
first time grower here.  before i do anything i want to get a general concensus of what is and is not 100% right (or close to it, nothings guaranteed).  i havent gotten any supplies yet bc i want to make sure i buy the right shit. i just have a few questions on some diff stages/supplies.
 -im 50/50 on using plastic or glass jars.  i know i want to use 1/2 pint containers, but a few things i read seemed like plastic is a lot easier and cheaper, but in the same sense glass has been tried and true.  should i stick to glass or can i give the plastic a shot?

-i most likely wont be buying a pressure cooker, ill probably just boil/steam the jars.  another thing im not 100% on.  when putting them in the pot should i leave just the top on the container with the holes, or should there be something over that?   id assume something over it to make sure no contaminants get in, but just want to make sure.  also if i decide to go with the plastic how would that work with the steaming?  it wont warp the container as long as its strong enough?

-while using the 1/2 pint containers what is the best mix of substrate?  ive seen a lot of 1/2 cup verm &1/6 cup BRP, but it was unclear how much water to use for that mix.  also 1/8 cup BRP, 1/2-2/3 cup verm, and 3 tablespoons water, is that presice? this claims to be the maximum fruting formula: 1/4 cup BRP, 1/2 cup verm, and 60 cc's water. any suggestions of the "perfect" mixture for the 1/2 container? 

-ive read a lot that the dunk helps them grow bigger and gives more flushes.  im not sure i undertand the flushing 100%.  wouldnt that give more chance of contamination with all the dunking and touching and rolling and what not?  after the dunking is it as usual then with the putting it on the perlite and everything after?

-after the dunk or removal from container im not sure how close or far apart the the cakes should be in the tub ill be putting the in.  i saw a lot of keep them close-ish as to have the humidity from eachother help keep humid, i also heard far apart to make sure they dont fuck with eachother.  input?

-lighting.   ive read a lot about using flourescent lights, but then again i see a lot that they do not need too much direct light...maybe an hour or so a day of natural sunlight, otherwise keep pretty dark.  what is and is not true for them?  do they need a lot of lighting from a flourescent, or can i keep them in a closet and light just a little bit a day?  or can i just keep the cakes in  a in a clear-ish plastic tub with a clearish top?  also ive read that keeping the inside of the terranium dark so they grow strait up is better, but would keeping it clear all around yield a bigger growth bc the light would be putting them in all directions or no?

-i know they need fresh air exchange and humidity.  this kind of goes in hand with the lighting question. if i am keeping them in a closet and bringing them out every few hours to spray, is the fanning and fresh air exchange like that good enough or no?

sorry theres so much, i just want to make sure i do this as correctly as possible.

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