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PF - Tek / First time questions
« on: April 28, 2008, 12:59:11 AM »
Hi I'm a new grower who is looking to get started in growing mushrooms I have several questions about the growing process.
Q1) How important is the temperature of your terrarium is it critical for the mushroom growth?

Q2) When and how often should you water your cakes?

Q3) What is the technique for watering your cakes, do you spray or just dump water onto them?

Q4) Can you buy the verm and brown rice flower at a regular store or does it have to be ordered on line with the spores?

Q5) How Important is the air exchange in your terrarium? I have seen several videos that kind of contradict eachother on this one said lots of fresh air with lots of holes in the terrarium and the other said the opposite with no holes at all.

Any other new tips/techniques for a first timer looking to get started would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot

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