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General topics / Drying/Storage Help Needed!!
« on: November 22, 2011, 09:49:15 AM »
*I realise that this looks like a fair bit of reading but i could really do with the help.

So it took me three attempts to actually grow the little suckers but once they appeared boy was i glad.

I had a quick look at drying techniques used by many and decided to go for a simple fan blowing air onto mushrooms. I had them in a dark place, which isn't cold but isn't hot (say 16-18C, i do live in the UK ;) ) with the fan blowing air onto them for about 7 days until they were very dry. I then chopped them up, grinded them up and placed them into capsules. My friends and I tested these (4g dried each - B+) and they were great, exactly what i was expecting. I had tried truffles previously and was a very similiar effect.

Anyway, my next batch was ready (Mexican) and i went through the same drying technique but on this occasion the potency was severely lacking. I felt something but nowhere near the same as with the B+ (Same amount of 4g dried). I thought that something was maybe wrong with something i was doing but on checking internet/forums etc i couldn't find anything obvious. My 2nd flush of B+ was also tried using the same technique again but again the potency seems to have gone. I have a 2nd flush of Mexican just starting so i would really like some advice or any indication of what could be happening.

*Please not that once in the capsules the mushrooms were taken the same day. If not going straight into the capsules then i had the completely dry shrooms in a zip lock bag with the air removed (as much as possible).

I don't know if i should test the fresh shrooms (i don't have much but a couple of big ones) to see if when they are fresh the potency is still there? I must be doing something wrong that the potency is going and i really would like to find out.

Thanks for any help given :)

PF - Tek / Help needed! with temperature for pinning
« on: September 17, 2011, 05:54:11 AM »
I know it says in the guide that for pinning the jars should be kept at room temp of 21c but my room only sits at around 16c. I was wondering what difference this would make to the pinning and also if the 21c includes the heat that is emitted from the mycelium?

If my room is too cold then should i maybe use the incubator at a reduced temp to get the 21c?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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