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Cultivation / My way of thinking how to start ...
« on: January 27, 2009, 06:15:13 PM »

 I would like somebody to confirm my theory of growing mushrooms.

I am planning to use HEPA filter and blower to make a clean air for workplace where I will reproduce mycelium. Than in short, I will take a part of mushroom where spores are and put it in Petri dishes (with scalpel etc.). The I will wait that mycelium begins to spread in Petri dishes. 

The other thing I will do is prepare substrate (grain) and "pasteraise" it. 

Next step wuold be that cut mycelium from petri dishes to little peaces and than put few parts of it to substrate jar, than shake the jar and wait for mycelium  to grow over the grain.

Then I prepare good conditions for growing and that is it?!

I am planing to grow shiitake. 
I would like to make everything on my own. And wouldnt like to buy spores in any way, accept in begining to get good mushroom for "cloning".

Please forgive me for my bad english and give me some comments on my way of thinking.

Ambroz is my name ;) Slovenia, EU

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