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That is exactly what i'm doing.  The kit I ordered was basically two tupperware containers, and a heater as well as a aquarium filter for the growth period that should be turned on for 60 minutes twice a day. I have the heater in the 2nd one and its always around 81 degrees.  If 85 degrees is better then I can raise the temperature. So far out of the 12 jars one was trashed and one isn't showing any growth the rest have a good deal of mycelium growing.  There is a hole on the tupperware for the aquarium.  I'm wondering if I should tape that for now since its open and can introduce contaminants. 

Also once the mycelium has filled up the jar how many days do I leave it before removing it?

I ordered the jars online since it was my first time.  I keep them inside a tupperware container and I check on them about 3 times a day.  I'm wondering if I should not even check them for a whole month to decrease chances of airborne contamination.  I just want to make sure the temperature is all right.  I've been reading more and I read you're supposed to let it sit at 81 degrees or so for another week after its fully colonized.  I was then going to dunk the cakes for 12 hours in cool water before putting them back in the terrarium to grow.  A question I had is while the growing phase is starting what temperature and humidity level is best?

Unfortunately the jar is contaminated and ruined, you need to clean it out and restart. Most likely the mold started due to lack of sterile equipment or you did not sterilize the jars fully before you inoculated.

Yeah I figured it was.  I read somewhere you can't really clean the jars once they get contaminated so not to take any chances I bagged it up and tossed it.  Does that look like Trich?  It was completely across the entire jar from top to bottom and all across the sides

This is after 4 days and has completely surrounded my jar.  I'd like to at the very least save the jar.  I have separated this and covered it in tin foil and put it inside a bag.  Is it dangerous?  First timer.  Thanks

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