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What you're doing is fine; I am not sure then why the first two jars are contaminated. If you followed the same procedure for each jar and have had the heaters on 81F you'll be alright. The heaters need to stay at 78-81F for optimal temperature, although they can go as low as 68F and as high as 90F. The jars are a few F higher than the heaters, so 81F is perfect.

As for mycelium growth, you should birth one week after you can pick up the jar and all the sides are covered with mycelium (the sides and the bottom). This gives the mycelium time to consolidate.

Ordering the jars online is fine; but they should have been 1/2 oz wide-mouth jars, doesn't take as long to colonize nor are the chances for contamination the same.


I wouldn't keep them in a tupperware container because the jars should be at about 80F so that the mycelium can grow. The optimal temperature for mycelium growth is 86F, but it is warmer inside the jars by a few degrees. A good way to incubate them is to get two same-size containers and a fully submersible aquarium heater. Fill the bottom container with water, place the heater in set at 80F, and then place the other container (with the inoculated jars and thermometer in it) inside the first container in the water.

As for dunking, some people do dunk it to try and 'cold-shock' the finished cakes into pinning before fruiting. This is not a necessary step, and from what I have seen, it does not help by much. Note that cold-water dunking is only after the jars have fully colonized with mycelium.

During the actual grow phase, 95% to 100% humidity is best and again we want 80F. The humidity is easiest to do, because the perlite at the bottom of your growing terrarium helps with the humidity.

See here for extra info: and

I'm not sure if it was Trich or not, the substrate has to be tossed and the jar cleaned anyways. You say it completely covered it, than most likely the contamination was after you had set them aside to colonize.

Tell me a little bit about your sterilization techniques and where/how you are leaving them to colonize.

Unfortunately the jar is contaminated and ruined, you need to clean it out and restart. Most likely the mold started due to lack of sterile equipment or you did not sterilize the jars fully before you inoculated.

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