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PF - Tek / Hello...... Malabar........????
« on: February 22, 2010, 06:51:09 PM »
Where is Malabar??..??
I've read almost every post on this site and Malabar has offered me much advice, indirectly. How is he? Just wondering. I feel like I almost know him from reading all these posts. LIFE IS GOOD.. I wish I would see that more on this forum.
Malabar.... hope you are well. Would love it if you posted in one of my posts, I would LOVE it.
Thanks all

PF - Tek / For those that didn't know
« on: February 21, 2010, 02:00:29 PM »
Hey guys. I know gas exchange is important at all levels of mycelium and fruit growth so I tried something and it's obviously helping.
I have BRF cakes in pint jars. I used a small drill bit and drilled 4 holes in the covers for inoculation and then a tinfoil cover over that during steam sterilization. I didn't realize that the tape should have come off when I put them in in my incubation chamber. All my jars started growing mycelium and shortly thereafter started to slow. I recently pulled the masking off my holes and bunched the foil up so as to allow more airflow and presto, the growth is speeding up. faster than ever. I check them everyday( I know it's dumb and pointless and maybe even detrimental to growth) and I can see a vast improvement in growth. Just a bit of info from one newbie to another.

PF - Tek / Qustion on gas exchange?
« on: February 19, 2010, 03:45:24 PM »
Hey guys, thanks for all the help so far on my first grow!
I used i pint jars with 4 holes with tape on them for innoc. Then I put aluminum foil over them and steamed. I pulled the foil off for innoc and then put it back on for incubation. The first batch I did seem to be growing mycelium, slowly, but steady. I have read in some posts about gas exchange in the incubation period. Does this apply in my case? Should I be letting my jars breath somehow? BTW I'm using BRF cakes.
Also, what are some average times from first growth signs to 100% colonization? I know it is different from person to person and strain to strain, but a little input would be nice.
So do I let my BRF cakes breath during incubation?
What are some average lengths of 100% colonization of BRF cakes @ 82F?
Thanks much guys!! I'll keep posting pics as I go. Hopefully you guys like seeing my pics as much as I like seeing yours -_-
oh yeah..... I hit them up with spores. no LC

PF - Tek / RH and temp in the COLD NE
« on: February 18, 2010, 11:35:44 AM »
Hey guys,
     I live in the Northeast and the winter is cold and dry. I was planning to fruit my BRF cakes for my first grow in a tub with a perlite base. Didn't Know a way to keep my heat in the 70s while allowing air to penetrate the bottom to allow evaporation, as I am using a tub with water and an aquarium heater to heat. Any tips or ideas would be great.

Thanks guys.
PS I just hit up 5 more jars too. OH YEAH!!

PF - Tek / We have a go!!
« on: February 17, 2010, 09:51:44 AM »
So it seams as though I was getting myself to worked up. Out of 5 cakes I now have 4 with all 4 innoc spot growing at least quarter sized mycelium. I think I put too much verm anti-contam layer on the 5th. I was about to trash them too. I have to work on my patience!!! Thanks for the support!
I'll try to keep you guys posted in this thread as to the progress of my first grow!!

PF - Tek / Spore hydration
« on: February 16, 2010, 07:31:20 PM »
Hey guys....
It's been 7 days since I hit up 5 jars with a spore syringe I made from a print of Alecbenzi. I am using the BRF tek. I didn't know how long to let my spores sit in the syringe I made before I hit my pints up, or if it matters how long I let them sit seeing as there is a good amount of moisture inside the jars.
Just wondering seeing as I am about to set up my next syringe from my last spore print and I would love to see some nice ropey growth in my jars.

Helo, who was nice enough to give me some hope in a prior post, said he/she has waited 20 days to see growth. is this common?

and again.... how long should I let spores sit in the syringe before I send them into a delicious BRF cake?

Thanks guys!!!

PF - Tek / Making a spore syringe
« on: February 15, 2010, 02:28:40 PM »
Hey guys, on my first ever attempt at growing I hit up 5 one pint jars of BRF cakes about 6 days ago. I followed a  Tek on making the syringe from a spore print. I the only syringe I could get my hands on was only a 5cc. I used one spore print that was shipped to me about 5 months ago.
#1 - I only let the spores sit in the syringe for about 2 hours before I hit the jars up. Later I read that the spores should sit in the syringe for at least 24 hours. Do you think I'm doomed?
#2 - For the first 6 days I didn't have a good setup for incubation and only had temps around 70F-72F. I just set up a better system today and now can easily maintain temps at 80F. Do you think the combination of these two beginners errors will doom my first crop??

Also curious about where to buy syringes legally? I'm in the northwest and drug stores looked at me like I was some idiot when I tried to buy syringes there.

Thanks so much guys

PF - Tek / Yet another newbie! Liquid culture.
« on: February 12, 2010, 11:49:31 AM »
Hey Guys. I've read many of your posts and replies. I'm just started my first 6 BRF cakes in 1 pint jars. Getting spores here is a pain in the ass, so when I get a jar fully colonized I want to make something besides a spore print so I can grow again and don't need anything sent to me. Any ideas? don't know what will last the longest.
You guys are wicked knowledgeable.... thanks a bunch.

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