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Cultivation / questions concerning my FC (Fruiting Chamber) with pics
« on: January 06, 2013, 01:50:22 AM »
Okay everyone, i got a few questions for you, in about 5-8 days i will be birthing my cakes.
Here they are just 6 days old:
[image]/forums/thumbs/13-001/743069073-thumb_IMAG0634.jpg[/image] [image]/forums/thumbs/13-001/743068932-thumb_IMAG0633.jpg[/image] [image]/forums/thumbs/13-001/743068777-thumb_IMAG0632.jpg[/image]
Here they are 11 days old:
they don't really have much to do with my questions, just sharing.

Now, i built my shotgun chamber according to the norm specs. then i took a 18in. cabinet light with 6500k daylight light (connected to a timer that keeps it on a 12/12 cycle) and put it inside my FC on the lid:
[image]/forums/thumbs/13-001/743146181-thumb_IMAG0649.jpg[/image] [image]/forums/thumbs/13-001/743146035-thumb_IMAG0646.jpg[/image] [image]/forums/thumbs/13-001/743145884-thumb_IMAG0645.jpg[/image]

I also have it in my laundry room with a space heater (on the dryer by the wall) like so:

So, does anyone see any problems with this set-up? Is my heater too close? Is the light too close to my grow? should i keep the fan in the ceiling (which is just like a bathroom fan) on or of or on some type of cycle? Any other tips and/or advice about this area and set-up? this will be where i must grow as i am kinda limited on space.

Also, here is how my cakes would sit in my FC:

and if i was to use some pans for little bulk grows:
[image]/forums/thumbs/13-001/743146330-thumb_IMAG0650.jpg[/image] [image]/forums/thumbs/13-001/743146035-thumb_IMAG0646.jpg[/image] [image]/forums/thumbs/13-001/743145884-thumb_IMAG0645.jpg[/image]
As you can see if i were to do bulk and cakes i would think that stacking my 4 cakes to make 2 (of course i would put some verm in between them) so that i would have more room. which brings me to my next question. How close is too close for cakes to be next to one another? can this affect my grow or my yield?

And last but not least, i am always looking for interesting containers and/or ways to grow... ever since i watched that video where a laundry basket was used (which i thought looked pretty amazing). So here are 2 containers i have picked up along the way and would like to get your input on:
[image]/forums/thumbs/13-001/743285137-thumb_IMAG0652.jpg[/image] [image]/forums/thumbs/13-001/743285290-thumb_IMAG0654.jpg[/image]

I appreciate any and all replys, advice, tips, tricks, and info. thanks in advance everyone.

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