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Cultivation / Would a 40ft shipping container be ok to start growing?
« on: July 14, 2010, 01:00:43 PM »

I am a newbie - sorry to jump straight in without introducing myself earlier... Needs must - I have lost my job. All I have is a yard where I have space for 10 40ft x 7ft shipping containers. I have one container now, with electricity and water from a building next to it.
I would love to supply all the local restaurants with shitaki and oyster mushrooms.

I have discovered that:

They like 65 degrees F. (ish), dark and moist
They like coffee pulp, sawdust and corncobs mutually and a few other media each.
It takes about 15 weeks for them to achieve a full cycle.
A few other tips

I fully understand that I have a lot of experimenting to do, no matter who's advice I take, but I wondered if anyone experienced might tell me how many mushrooms I could expect to grow (possibly on shelves?) in one shipping container once I finally master the art? I have always wanted to do this and I'm really hoping loads of people are going to write in and say, "Go for it kid, you can do it". Is anybody out there willing to offer me any encouragement, or do my meager foundations count too heavily against me? I'll give it my best shot unless people tell me I haven't the room. I've been really excited about the idea for ages, so let me down gently, please!

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