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PF - Tek / Re: Way Too Much Mycelium! (Honest!)
« on: March 13, 2009, 12:59:34 PM »
Thanks, PW!

I'll do that this weekend....what a cool idea!

have a great day!

-Kuan Yin

PF - Tek / Way Too Much Mycelium! (Honest!)
« on: March 13, 2009, 09:31:54 AM »
I've searched the forums and have not yet seen my current problem addressed, so here goes:

The majority of my cakes (not all) have waaaay too much mycelium growth that kinda looks like fat white baby fingers with no brown (pin) heads. I've lowered the temps, experimented with more and/or less humidity, and always fan 3 to 4 times a day. The lighting is perfect (indirect sun for 10-12 hours daily) and the interior is always 70-75 degrees F. I've misted and not-misted, but no difference. My thermometer's RH guage sucks and is not at all reliable, but there is condensation on the sides and top of my FC. I've also tried leaving the tub lid slightly ajar to allow for extra air exchange.

I've also tried elevating them so none of the perlite touches any part of the cakes in case they were drawing up excess moisture from the perlite (they had been sitting on small blankets of aluminum foil), but this has not slowed the extra mycelium growth.

I'm using a clear plastic large tub with no holes, and Mexican strain. My first attempt was very successful, but after having repeated the exact same tek, strain, etc. this time the mycelium is going overboard in my FC.

Eventually, watching and waiting for 12 days, I do have some fruiting, but they seem to be crowded-out and/or affected somewhat by the fatter, ball-like, overly abundant mycelium!
And some of the fruits seem a bit oddly shaped with large stipes and small caps that take forever to open.

Should I wash my hands and pull off the excess mycelium? I don't want to "rough-up" my sweet, little shroomies' spirits! I've run out of variables to adjust, so heeeelp!

Also, when putting the BRF cakes into the fruiting chamber, should they be placed in the same position or turned upside down from the way they were in the jars?
Sorry, wish I could supply pics but have no digital camera.

One more thing, the Pro's and Heroes and others who offer their advice and expertise on this site are AWESOME and more than generous with their time and help...with a special thanks to PW!

THANK YOU ALL from my shroom-lovin' heart!!! 

-Kuan Yin

Thanks so much for your advice, PW, and others.

PF - Tek / Contaminated Jars - ANY possible way to dump and re-sterilize?
« on: January 23, 2009, 06:32:57 PM »
  Like a newbie/idiot I screwed up and inoculated a bunch of jars with bad slurry. Because I spent money on all these jars and they are hard to find out-of-season, what are the chances I can dump them outside and soak them in undiluted liquid bleach for a day or two and be safe to start all over again?

 Or is there a better way to clean out all the invisible gunk, like maybe using a pressure cooker? I really want to save/re-use these jars. I used BRF PF-Tek with 1/2 pint glass jars with lids.

  Is there ANY chance I could use the jars again? Please Help!

Thanks Thanks and Thanks!!!

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