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Cultivation / Re: Current projects.
« on: January 26, 2013, 03:49:20 PM »
Thanks for doing that. Damn dude, you have yourself a beautiful garden of shroomies. Nice work!

Cultivation / Re: Current projects.
« on: January 26, 2013, 02:13:36 PM »
Oh damn. I can't check it out because you have to be a member and shoomery is not taking now accounts right now. I would really like to see your journal log. Any way you can put it on here in a few posts? \m/

Cultivation / Re: I am worried... Should I be?
« on: January 26, 2013, 02:08:01 PM »
Good to know. Thank you fellow metal head! I just need to keep a close eye on them. And when I cut there was obviously a ton of substrate that made it look like it colonized on the outside and nothing inside but after looking closer there are thick white veins running through the material. I turned cut end down and the part that was the top of the jar up because it is covered covered so I thought if a contam was floating around it will have a much harder time getting under the cake.

Thanks. I will put a pic up when able. I cannot wait!!!! I am just having a hard time keeping the humidity up in the chamber. I have it in warm water in another container with 3-4" of moist perlite, but I can only get the humidity up to 85-87%... How is this going to affect growth? And is that cream color something to worry about? It is still there, just most of it is covered in bluish tint now. This is what I am most worried about. Thanks again, MoGrow!

Cultivation / I am worried... Should I be?
« on: January 26, 2013, 10:52:51 AM »
Hey, so it took for freakin ever to grow my mycelium but I am now fruiting them as of 3 days ago because I was noticing a very strong white growth with brown in the center raising from out of the cake inside the jar. I assume it is my first growth because it looks like a white bulge and almost stem liike and with a head. I am worried though; I took them out and none of them filled the jars 100% (best was about 90-95). My logic in what I did next was this: Hell, they aren't going to finish growing in the jar (stalled) because of air content, moisture, crap premade jars, whatever the cause so I took them out and cut off the excess mix from the bottom and about 1" of mycelium after that to get it to a strong growth point in hopes there would be no contams. What I noticed the next day is the top of them (except for one, which is actually a very small cake because of having to cut) is bluing up (normal) but before they blued they turned a dirty cream color. I have heard this is a contamination. I just checked them again and the cream color is not really brownish anymore but bluing from bruising. ALSO, one cake had fairly weak growth and now actually looking beautiful. It is solid white and no fuzz or discoloration. I know I am going to get majorly scolded for what I have done, but they were going to be toss outs otherwise so might as well try and see what happens. If they are contams then time to start over next month.

I would have a pic or two for you, but my brother's phone is not here right now and I don't know where the USB cord is for my camera. Just FYI, when I cut the cakes I put fresh cut side down on the foil over percilite and the tops of solid growth on top. The pin is about the size of a penny or nickel and very, very white and sticking out about 1.4" now.

Long rant done. I just want to know what your thoughts are here because this was such a risky ordeal. Thank you!!!

Cultivation / Re: O2 and CO2
« on: January 18, 2013, 12:41:25 PM »
Thanks man. Happy someone else is benefiting from the question.

MoGrow, so the oldest jars have still never reached to the bottom all the way. In fact, the Ban and PE are getting a very white layer across the outside at the bottom... I think it looks like that might mean it is too dry. Any suggestions? Are those jars lost causes? The PE that is newest is actually the furthest along, covering 95% of the outside... Give it some more time to get really strong and yippie.

Cultivation / Re: O2 and CO2
« on: January 07, 2013, 02:19:31 PM »
So the two first jars seemed to completely stall... What I did was lysol the small area the incubator is in, walked away for 3-4 min to let the lysol do its thing and fall so it didn't get into the jars, and opened them up at about a 60 degree angle downwards while keeping them covered by the top of the tub. I waved the cap to circulate the CO2 out and let it drop for about 20 seconds or so, maybe more in total (each). While the jars were each open I look at the growth. It looks very solid white and almost a bit like goo. I wasn't even going to think about touching it to see its consistency, but it looks great from what I can tell. Oh, and the smell was like portabella mushrooms or something  so I assume that is a good sign of the growth I want, but if not please tell me what I should be smelling other than bitter mushroom smell. Anyway, I closed them up after I did my thing and two days later the growth is substantial. Looks like these jars just might make. The others are looking great so far as well...

Now I am going to go watch some happy little cloud get painted. No mistakes, just happy little accidents!

Cultivation / Re: O2 and CO2
« on: December 24, 2012, 01:42:35 AM »
An update on my jar growths which I inoculated a couple days ago: I believe the Amazon syringe was contaminated. Every jar that had those spores turned to white fuzz in 36 hours. Last time it turned into green mold in 72 so I just yanked them so as to not expose the other jars. Oh well, I will use Ralphers or whatever that place is called next time to get my supplies.

Other than that, the boys are doing well so far. The two with lots of growth are going slow now - almost seems like they has stopped but they haven't, just going slow -- will be about a week and a half I hope before they are ready and the others - if they go similarly to the previous - will be about a month before they are ready to fruit.

Anyhoo, how's it going, community of FungiFun?

Cultivation / Re: O2 and CO2
« on: December 21, 2012, 03:39:05 PM »
Nice man. Sounds like pretty decent yield... I can only assume. Good job bro.

I just cleaned the bathroom crystal clean and going to inoculate the last of the jars soon. Out of the 9 left, 2 were contams. One with green mold and one I can't really tell if it is or not so I just assume take the safe route. and say fuck it.

Speaking of those contams, that means 1/4 of them were in total (3 total out of 12). I hope others don't start sprouting something nasty after inoculation. So I will have 9 jars total in about a month and a half, give or take a week.

Next time, even though the jars are convenient, fast, and work very well, I want to control the substrate so I will be taking your advice next time.

PS -- Blasting some Dark Tranquility - Am I One? Good times. \m/

Cultivation / Re: O2 and CO2
« on: December 20, 2012, 03:22:49 PM »
Thanks man. Yeah, it is from a CaliGrow. I was a little worried about opening it and thought it is not a good idea, but I have heard so many people talking about air exchange (on their home made kits jars) that I didn't know. Thanks for the advice.

It seems to be growing very, very, very slowly now. Again, 2mm, at best, in 2-3 days. It is still growing though. So I will just leave them to do their thing and see what happens. I don't want to pin them yet!!!

Yeah, I thought dipping a needle into the middle again was too risky of an idea for me. Ah, the learning process of growing fungus perfectly... Gotta love it.

So how are your grows doing dude?

Cultivation / Re: O2 and CO2
« on: December 20, 2012, 02:13:27 PM »
PS -- I read in a post, I think by MoGrow, to add water if it is stalling, but the inside seems to have plenty of H2O built up as condensation on the sides (but not drowning by any means) in large drops. Just throwing it out there...

Cultivation / O2 and CO2
« on: December 20, 2012, 01:49:36 PM »
Hey, I a here every week asking a different question about mycelium growth. My question now is this: Penis Envy has slowed way down and Ban Hua has actually passed him now. I am using premade jars and I inoculated them around the end of last month... The jars are both 2/3 - 3/4 full of white goodness but with the PE slowing down so much I was wondering if I should do an air exchange for him so he has O2 and not so much build up of the CO2. I am just wondering if I should take that risk of opening the jar and getting some contam in there. PE seems to only have grown maybe a couple mm in the last couple days.

One factor I am unsure if it is directly effecting the growth rate... The mycelium is getting very strong and thick in both jars, but especially PE. Maybe he is growing in more than down right now? Either way, they are both looking healthy and all, but it is starting to drag with that damn jar. Seriously, Ban was 2-3 days behind PE and he has filled more of the jar as of this morning.

Maybe a pointless noob question, but I appreciate your advice on whether or not to get that CO2 out of there or not. Thanks.

PF - Tek / Re: New at growing using premade jars
« on: December 12, 2012, 01:39:02 PM »
Yeah, they are more expensive I can tell, but I can't believe how well they are working. I just made everything super easy to do. Get the kit, jars, and then spores the next day in the mail, clean thoroughly before injecting, and done. Shit, it is too easy to grow magic shrooms. I can't believe it really. I am looking at my jars and thinking, "huh, well that took no effort other than cleaning the kitchen. It is cheap as hell to do too!" Weed is harder to grow, shit. As for that contam I had on Amazon, it was the poking of the pen through the tape after inoculation writing the name on the top. If it was anything else I would be pleasantly surprised, but I know what you are saying.

Thanks for the comment. Same here. I actually just found two old iPods in my dresser under a bunch of crap and looked at the difference between my library then and now. What are some of your top bands? I love me some Septic Flesh, Arch Enemy, Devildriver, Eluveitie, Gorgoroth, Satyricon, Fleshgod Apocolypse, Faceless, Cerebral Bore, Dark Tranquility, etc. I just can't crap that plays on the radio. Pantera is the founding group, in my opinion, of true metal... I like their stuff that is not on the radio. I have heard Walk about 1.75674 billion times! haha

PF - Tek / New at growing using premade jars
« on: December 12, 2012, 11:09:03 AM »
Hey there. I wanted to make a post because I wanted to see if my sig is there or not now and that gave me the opportunity to ask what your opinions of premade jars are? I am 100% noob at it, other than the countless pages and vids I found and studied in order to grow. The jars I got, as some of you may know, are jars. No, I am not promoting them, but I am a customer of theirs and I have to say I am extremely happy with their product. When I got the $100 kit (I think it is the $94 kit on the site itself with the two tubs and the twelve jars and all the equip) I was pumped. Then someone told me that they are not that good and to make jars (though he looked at the site and recanted that I think). I was worried then my first jar of three came to life after 2 days and turned green up top, but there was a variable in there that most likely caused it. I have two other jars going and PE is covering the entirety of the top of the jar and BHT grew a ton over night... He was only a little spot the size of a dime yesterday. I have to say, it took about 5 days for signs of life to appear in the two good jars and they are really going quickly. I have been checking them and they both look beautifully white and not hairy or anything. I just wanted to say I love these jars, they are already sterilized, the are fast acting, I like them. What do you thinik of premade jars? How about the ones on the site? Again, I am not a promoter of the site.

Cultivation / Re: Temp is fluctuating... Is that ok?
« on: December 08, 2012, 05:41:44 PM »
For sure. Will take a few pics in the next day or two after they really start blooming. They are both definitely going to plan though!

Cultivation / Re: Temp is fluctuating... Is that ok?
« on: December 07, 2012, 10:27:34 PM »
Very good to know. I managed to get it up to 82 and it rose to 83 over the past couple hours. Thank you for the info. MoGrow, I just opened your pm. Thanks for all the useful tips and info. Much obliged.

Well, they seem to be doing well and I think contam is out of the picture really. The only reason I got a contam for Amazon was my own fault accidentally poking an unsterilized pen through the tape after inoculation. The environment was so, so so clean. I scrubbed the kitchen down, every surface, like 3 times and then lysoled the shit out of it... But I have told you that before.

APE has grown over a mm on each side in the past 4 hours. Seems to be moving. Ban just showed his growth in plain sight now.

Cultivation / Temp is fluctuating... Is that ok?
« on: December 07, 2012, 02:22:16 PM »
Hey, so my first sign of growth looked like it was hauling ass but it was a contam (green mold and lots of fluff when we opened it up). Amazon gone. For the past 2 days the Albino Penis Envy is showing three spots of growth, two new as of last night. They are not growing very quickly at all (biggest is the size of a nickel) and I was wondering if my temperature might be interfering with steady growth. It was fine for a while at 84 degrees. Lately it hasn't been as warm in my part of the country and so the house it colder naturally. The temp is hard to get above 80 degrees, fluctuating from 79.5 to 81. IF this is the temperature right now and it has to stay like it (hopefully that temp is ok) will I fruit at 70?

Thanks. Noob here. People seem to be very helpful here though!

Cultivation / Re: CC to speed ratio?
« on: December 05, 2012, 09:58:17 AM »
Update this morning. Sad news: Amazon was a contam. I know exactly when it happened too... I accidentally poked a hole through the tape while writing "A" in "Amazon". I washed it down with alcohol, but I guess some got away. Anyhoo, APE is starting to show a pinhead of mycelia on the side of the compost. BHT is pretty moist and not showing signs of mycelia, but we will see. I hope he is not a contam as well. Glad Penis Envy is showing healthy signs of growth though!

Cultivation / Re: CC to speed ratio?
« on: December 03, 2012, 03:27:16 PM »
Sorry for so many posts, but just an update. So the Amazon jar is definitely going. The white at the top of the first pic is now twice as big and easily noticable as pure white mycelia. The other two, APE and BHT, are not really going yet. The APE jar as a small spot of what I thought was fuzz before, so maybe it is coming in, but the BHT looks like it did a few days ago. No worries, I am going to just let it do its thing. I was wondering, my brother injected the spores for those two closer to the middle of the jar (not on purpose, but it was angled in for sure from the view I had). Maybe they are growing from the inside out. Anyway, enough with the ramble. YAY I am so excited Amazon is hauling ass. Lots of growth in just a few short hours.

Cultivation / Re: CC to speed ratio?
« on: December 03, 2012, 11:02:26 AM »
It wouldn't put the full pics in there.... Sorry about that. I do have another question though: even though they are presterilized, premade jars from CaliGrow that were airtight when I got them (only time they weren't was time between my brother using the syringe and me immediately putting tape over the holes. That short duration.

From what I read people's growth slows or even stops until they let the CO2 build up out of the jar, but I see that mostly on jars people made themselves so I didn't know. Thank you! From looking up close it looks like that Amazon jar is getting some mycelium starting up near the top in the first pic, but I don't know. Hope so!!! Thanks again.

Cultivation / Re: CC to speed ratio?
« on: December 03, 2012, 10:39:52 AM »
Hey, my brother had his old camera... Forgot about it. Here are some shots.

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