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Cultivation / I am worried... Should I be?
« on: January 26, 2013, 10:52:51 AM »
Hey, so it took for freakin ever to grow my mycelium but I am now fruiting them as of 3 days ago because I was noticing a very strong white growth with brown in the center raising from out of the cake inside the jar. I assume it is my first growth because it looks like a white bulge and almost stem liike and with a head. I am worried though; I took them out and none of them filled the jars 100% (best was about 90-95). My logic in what I did next was this: Hell, they aren't going to finish growing in the jar (stalled) because of air content, moisture, crap premade jars, whatever the cause so I took them out and cut off the excess mix from the bottom and about 1" of mycelium after that to get it to a strong growth point in hopes there would be no contams. What I noticed the next day is the top of them (except for one, which is actually a very small cake because of having to cut) is bluing up (normal) but before they blued they turned a dirty cream color. I have heard this is a contamination. I just checked them again and the cream color is not really brownish anymore but bluing from bruising. ALSO, one cake had fairly weak growth and now actually looking beautiful. It is solid white and no fuzz or discoloration. I know I am going to get majorly scolded for what I have done, but they were going to be toss outs otherwise so might as well try and see what happens. If they are contams then time to start over next month.

I would have a pic or two for you, but my brother's phone is not here right now and I don't know where the USB cord is for my camera. Just FYI, when I cut the cakes I put fresh cut side down on the foil over percilite and the tops of solid growth on top. The pin is about the size of a penny or nickel and very, very white and sticking out about 1.4" now.

Long rant done. I just want to know what your thoughts are here because this was such a risky ordeal. Thank you!!!

Cultivation / O2 and CO2
« on: December 20, 2012, 01:49:36 PM »
Hey, I a here every week asking a different question about mycelium growth. My question now is this: Penis Envy has slowed way down and Ban Hua has actually passed him now. I am using premade jars and I inoculated them around the end of last month... The jars are both 2/3 - 3/4 full of white goodness but with the PE slowing down so much I was wondering if I should do an air exchange for him so he has O2 and not so much build up of the CO2. I am just wondering if I should take that risk of opening the jar and getting some contam in there. PE seems to only have grown maybe a couple mm in the last couple days.

One factor I am unsure if it is directly effecting the growth rate... The mycelium is getting very strong and thick in both jars, but especially PE. Maybe he is growing in more than down right now? Either way, they are both looking healthy and all, but it is starting to drag with that damn jar. Seriously, Ban was 2-3 days behind PE and he has filled more of the jar as of this morning.

Maybe a pointless noob question, but I appreciate your advice on whether or not to get that CO2 out of there or not. Thanks.

PF - Tek / New at growing using premade jars
« on: December 12, 2012, 11:09:03 AM »
Hey there. I wanted to make a post because I wanted to see if my sig is there or not now and that gave me the opportunity to ask what your opinions of premade jars are? I am 100% noob at it, other than the countless pages and vids I found and studied in order to grow. The jars I got, as some of you may know, are jars. No, I am not promoting them, but I am a customer of theirs and I have to say I am extremely happy with their product. When I got the $100 kit (I think it is the $94 kit on the site itself with the two tubs and the twelve jars and all the equip) I was pumped. Then someone told me that they are not that good and to make jars (though he looked at the site and recanted that I think). I was worried then my first jar of three came to life after 2 days and turned green up top, but there was a variable in there that most likely caused it. I have two other jars going and PE is covering the entirety of the top of the jar and BHT grew a ton over night... He was only a little spot the size of a dime yesterday. I have to say, it took about 5 days for signs of life to appear in the two good jars and they are really going quickly. I have been checking them and they both look beautifully white and not hairy or anything. I just wanted to say I love these jars, they are already sterilized, the are fast acting, I like them. What do you thinik of premade jars? How about the ones on the site? Again, I am not a promoter of the site.

Cultivation / Temp is fluctuating... Is that ok?
« on: December 07, 2012, 02:22:16 PM »
Hey, so my first sign of growth looked like it was hauling ass but it was a contam (green mold and lots of fluff when we opened it up). Amazon gone. For the past 2 days the Albino Penis Envy is showing three spots of growth, two new as of last night. They are not growing very quickly at all (biggest is the size of a nickel) and I was wondering if my temperature might be interfering with steady growth. It was fine for a while at 84 degrees. Lately it hasn't been as warm in my part of the country and so the house it colder naturally. The temp is hard to get above 80 degrees, fluctuating from 79.5 to 81. IF this is the temperature right now and it has to stay like it (hopefully that temp is ok) will I fruit at 70?

Thanks. Noob here. People seem to be very helpful here though!

Cultivation / CC to speed ratio?
« on: November 29, 2012, 04:18:01 PM »
Hi, I am new to growing. I have a couple questions before I innoculate my easy grow jars tonight. I have 30ccs coming of three different strains (10 each). 1st off, if I innoculate three cakes, each with separate strains, that are 1/2 pint containers, how much is about perfect for the fastest colonization? How much is too much and doesn't help speed things up? I was thinking 2ccs in each cake is right, but would 3 be quicker? My brother and I want to try to be able to have some fun on Christmas, but I am thinking that might not be possible. What do you think? Also, am I able to harvest before the skirt breaks if, come Christmas, there are some pins/stems with little heads? If I break them off early will it effect future flushes?

Thank you for any helpful advice! Lots of questions...

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